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People often ask us, how many layers of shingles are allowed on my roof? Most building codes allow a structure to have two roof membranes. Generally though, experienced roofing contractors use the rule one and off which allows the roofing contractor to inspect the roof deck and make any necessary repairs. Also, the roofing system itself lasts longer and the roof warranty may qualify for an extended coverage period.

Not necessarily. A roof leak can be the result from damage done to only one area of the roof system or the result of a loose or missing flashing. A roof failure, however, such as improper roof system installation practices, incorrect material choice for the roof structure, or material failure, is generally irreversible.

Installing a new roof over an existing roof is acceptable but not generally recommended. Having a suitable surface to attached the new roof to can only be guaranteed with a complete tear-off and inspection of the homes roof deck.

The challenges of installing a new roof are numerous, including the danger of a workplace accident along with the skill and knowledge associated with installing a roof system. Manufactures generally will not issue a warranty if the product is not installed by a licensed professional.

The price of a new roof depends on many factors, just like the price of a new car. Some roofs last for years, others last for decades. The type of material you select will affect the overall price, but so will the reputation of the roofing contractor. Do your research and select the roofing material and roofing contractor that best fits your specific needs and comfort zone.

You bet. In fact, its better to get the chimney repairs done while the old roof is on rather than work on or around a beautiful new roof. As a note, many roof leaks are related to the chimney flashings or the actual chimney itself.

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